Donut bids adieu.

Donut bids adieu.

The signboard on your door says closed. I’m confused.

Well, welcome to the death hibernation blog with booming drumrolls and high-spirited shenanigans.

Hold up. Why do we seem awefully radiant about the company winding up and not getting our paychecks anymore?

Hold up. The company is winding up?

Hold up. Do y’all sell donuts or am I at the wrong place?

Take a deep breath.

For everyone who has witnessed the metamorphosis from the Infino Card to the Donut app. And for everyone who joined us post that transition. We’ve got some news.

Donut (Previously, Infino) is taking a break as a company and this blog is to inform you about everything that has been going on between the lines ever since our last announcement.

Here’s to the last 3 stirring minutes we spend together on our final sardonic blog. We’ll make this one count :’)

Let’s go one last time. Shall we?

A brief timeline of everything Infino.

We’ve a joke on startups. But we guess the timing’s wrong. Ouch. We’re not laughing, you are.

Getting to the gist of this segment, here’s the chronological order of events that led us to where we’re at now:

  • June 2019 -  Akanshu and Vibhor operating out of their parents basement, successfully having backed up by our initial investors. Everyone joins the team full-time.
  • July/August 2019 - The team experiments with their first tech partner bank.
  • November 2019 - We move away from our partner bank to a new banking partner. (Due to lengthy compliance procedures )
  • December '19 - March 2020 - Various partnerships to get the Infino card working fail; Partner Bank goes down. (Yes, that bank)
  • April-June 2020 - First version of the Donut app released; we partner with brands and brand vouchers providers. Working on feedback, adding deals, brand vouchers, re-design.
  • June/July 2020 - First public release.
  • 24th of July 2020 - 10k users crossed🎉
  • August 2020 - Partnership with M2P finalized.
  • September 2020 - Final (affiliate) feature released; acquired a roundabout of 20K users.
  • The roadblock: Auto-debit of your added finances (card on file) not supported due to regulatory issues.
  • September/October 2020 - Fin.

So, where’s the card..

We donut want to sugarcoat the situation. So here’s ripping off the band-aid swiftly. Hold tight.🤕

Post careful evaluation and numerous “there has to be some other way” outbursts, we figured it’s best to halt operations and take a break.

Why you ask?

Well, Donut as a deals platform is at its creeper stage. We believed that the addition of the card feature would give it the much required push for it to transform into a scaleable, expansive product with a strong intuitive utility and the folks back on the other side of this blog are wary of the same.

All in all, with the lack of the card layer, Donut is missing its sprinkles. One that makes in wholesome in its true sense.

Closed? But y’all were this close👌🏽

There’s this theory that no two people see a color the same exact way. So, no Karen, we’re not blacking out. As a company, we realised that we were burning out (quite literally!) with constant strategic pivots and extreme third party dependencies to make it click. So, instead of letting the situation take the better parts of us, we have decided to take a much required break. With that being said, a strategic workation will help us pan out wider and see much more holistically than before; both in terms of value creation and product scaleability. So right now, we are choosing to keep the nest egg safe and are economising our resources to the max.

That’s right. This gives us ample time and sufficiently deep pockets to sync up when the time and product is right rather than sinking in when it’s not.

On a concluding note. One final time.

To all our users. All the way from Infino to the app that’s named after a gluttony dessert. We remain super grateful for your patience, critique and appraisal every passing day. To that one person reading this blog; no sir, now you finally know that we aren’t in the business of selling donuts. But are we considering that option now? Only time shall tell.

To our team members. Thank you for being ever so resilient, being the glue to the dream project and sticking it out throughout. Our engineers may now stop injecting red bulls and our strategists can now halt the need to come up with Donut puns in the middle of their sleep. For everyone reading this blog, *here’s the crew* behind it all.

We stan.

To our stakeholders. Thank you for them bucks. Correction. The zeal, enthusiasm and guidance that went behind supporting our figment of imagination cannot be quantified. Your backing in the company is well in cognizance with the vision upon which we conceptualized Infino and we shall settle at nothing less than a valueably scaleable product. For us, for you and the future.

Once again, a sincere thank you to everybody involved behind the scenes as well as at 12 o’ clock of the curtains. We owe you one.

Who knew even companies were taking social distancing seriously until now. Lol.

But jokes apart, here’s a sincere tryst to make it back to you with unabashed utility, out-and-out value and stark mileage from our end.

We promise to be back with a bang so loud, you’ll know it’s us.

Until then,

Stay safe!

Memes & Peace,

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