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🍩 collects and displays the best deals, rewards and coupons out there + helps you spend securely everytime you decide on it.
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We save your money, time, and the day!
Our offers are updated in real-time. We sweat it out and sweeten it up on 500+ stores on the internet. But we don’t just stop there! We handpick offers running on your cards as well as offline store coupons.
Making Donut the smartest shopping assistant there is!
Good food is great! But the cheque? Even better. Donut is here to track and remind you of the best promotions around town!
Hidden Card Rewards
Like buying shoes online? Maybe that Amex card stacked in your wallet has 10x rewards Your existing finances have perks. We’ll help you see and use it better!
Deals For You
You like coffee? You get coffee. And that's the tea! We personalise your offers so you scroll no more. Just redeem.
Meet Donut. The Card
Apart from building VPN for secure online transactions a.k.a the virtual/burner cards, we’re incorporating a much awaited feature: The Donut Card.
Take your spendings offline when you transact using the all-in-one card for your finances & alter the way you spend, track & manage your money forever!
Also, all your data is saved in a (PCI-DSS compliant vault, matching up to the same level of security as your bank.
PS: Before shapeshifting, we called it the Infino Card ;)
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